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Code of Conduct

Our Commitment

We adhere to laws and regulations.

Integrity and Reputation of our Company

Our employees conduct themselves in a manner that does not harm the trust of our business partners or the public.

We prioritize the long-term well-being of our company in our thoughts and actions.

Employee Satisfaction

We strive for a high level of employee satisfaction, believing that only satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers. We commit to regularly analyze and optimize employee satisfaction.

We remunerate our employees fairly for their work. To ensure this, we systematically compare the tasks and qualifications of all employees with internal and external benchmarks.

Health and Safety

Our company takes appropriate measures to ensure the safety of employees. Employees are obligated to strictly follow the employer's instructions.

We provide a workplace and environment that promotes the mental and physical well-being of our employees. In cases of illness, accidents, difficult situations, or social hardship, we support our employees to the fullest extent and provide external professional help if needed.

Tolerance towards all Employees

None of our employees should be discriminated against based on their ethnic origin, nationality, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

We do not tolerate sexual harassment and bullying in our company. We encourage our employees to report all incidents, whether they are victims or witnesses.

Corruption and Bribery

Regardless of the amount, employees are not allowed to give or accept monetary gifts. This also applies to non-monetary gifts exceeding a reasonable and customary value.

No person, organization, or company should benefit from a relationship with individual employees of Fischer Sons AG. Conflicts of interest are to be avoided from the outset.

We do not tolerate active or passive bribery.

Child and Forced Labor

We respect the right of children to development and education. We condemn any form of child labor, including within our supply chain.

We do not tolerate any form of forced labor, slavery, or human trafficking. We condemn any form of violence and respect local legal norms regarding the minimum age for permissible employment.

Rules of Fair Competition

We commit to fair competition, where there is no room for price fixing, cartels, or other activities that distort competition.

Our employees are prohibited from engaging in unlawful or ethically questionable business or agreements. Antitrust laws and regulations must be complied with.

Safekeeping of Property and Proprietary Secrets

We handle our equipment, resources, and protected information with care.

Business and operational secrets should not be disclosed to third parties within or outside the company without permission. Particularly, technical or commercial knowledge, drawings, customer information, and other sensitive information and documents must be protected from loss or unauthorized access.

When using modern information technologies, such as email or the internet, all employees must adhere to the corresponding rules to prevent the loss or disclosure of information.

All employees are obliged to fully comply with our internal rules regarding the handling of information.

Ecological Sustainability

We are an environmentally conscious company and commit to a careful and considerate use of energy and natural resources. Through our forward-thinking and actions, we contribute to minimizing the consumption of energy, water, and chemicals of all kinds, as well as reducing emissions. We strive to continuously improve the environmental compatibility of our products and services.

We educate and raise awareness among our employees, and also encourage our customers and suppliers to adopt environmentally conscious behavior.

We do not tolerate irresponsible profit-seeking and cost-cutting at the expense of the environment and people. On the contrary, we strive for sustainability by creating a balance between economic, environmental, and social aspects.

Implementation and Control

All employees commit to complying with the Code of Conduct. Violations of these principles will be penalized.

Regular checks are essential to ensure that procedures and policies are followed and to provide necessary support to employees.

Employees who become aware of violations of this Code of Conduct are encouraged to report them to their supervisor or the human resources department.

Reports will be treated confidentially and must not be misused as a pretext for sanctions or termination.

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