Mission Statement

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal. We want our performance to fulfil the specified requirements and expectations of our customers in every respect. We maintain a close working relationship with our customers in order to understand their requirements and offer them the best possible solution. This is how we create a long-term, solid foundation.

Market-compliant innovations

The results of market observations, the latest technological advancements and our own ideas are what flow into the continuous development of our products, with the ultimate goal of letting our customers profit from them. This is crucial for making sure that our company has a future.

Excellent products and services

The right production processes and facilities, as well as systematic process planning and supervision ensure that the desired product quality is always achieved. Our products are reliable, comply with the applicable legal provisions, are in line with the market requirements and exhibit excellent quality. In addition, we offer competent advice to ensure that you benefit from our products to the greatest possible extent.

Reliable suppliers

Our relationship with our suppliers is characterized by our common interests, ethical and open cooperation, and fairness in order to achieve the greatest possible long-term benefit for both partners.

Successful finances

We use our financial means in a responsible manner and utilize controlled processes to achieve the ideal cost–benefit ratio. We strive for success and adequate profits to secure our future and to fulfill our obligations towards our shareholders.

Committed employees

The quality at each workplace is a result of strong commitment and individual responsibility on the part of employees that strongly identify with their company. Motivated and highly qualified employees are our company’s most crucial factor, which is why providing them with all the necessary information and conducting targeted training is so important to us.

Extensive health care

We believe work safety and health care are the tasks of the management and an integral part of all operating activity. They must never be neglected due to financial considerations.

Sustainable environmental protection

We do everything we can to ensure the responsible utilization of the resources offered to us by our environment in our products in the  manufacturing process.

Continuous improvement

Quality in all processes is the key success factor. By carrying out regular checks of our management system, we learn from our mistakes and improve our performance.

Competent management

A clear and flexible management structure helps us achieve our goals. Our work is based on trust and honesty, and our core values have always been commitment, conscientiousness, diligence and responsibility in every respect and on every level.

Effective management system

Our management system is compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, BRC / IoP and with the technical norms, industry standards and legal provisions applicable to us. This is how we ensure the effectiveness of our management system, the compliance of our company and the continuous development of our processes.

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