Terms and Conditions

AGB June 2018, German

AGB June 2018, English

AGB June 2018, French


General Conditions of Purchase

General Conditions of Purchase of Fischer Söhne AG 2022 (PDF) (German only)



Voluntary Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency (PDF) (German only)

Certificate BRC (British Retail Consortium) (PDF)

Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015 (PDF)

Certificate ISO 13485 : 2016 (PDF)

Certificate UN approval Nr. 4204818 (PDF) (German only)

Swiss Employee Award 2021 (PDF) (German only)



Tub & Nest - Added Value Total Solution Provider for Your Pharmaceutical Packaging Product

Fischer Söhne AG - anniversary brochure (PDF) (German only)

Fischer Söhne AG - image brochure (PDF)



PR news: "palero is the new owner of Fischer Söhne AG" (PDF) (German only)

Extract Inside Industry magazine: "Ahead of the pack" (PDF) (English only)

Interview with canton Aargau: "Sustainable solutions from plastic. For tomorrow’s world." (PDF) (German only)

PR News "Excellent packaging solutions for Covid vaccine containers and injection vials" (PDF) Englisch

Extract KunststoffXtra magazine: "Erweiterungsprojekt Reinraum erfolgreich abgeschlossen" (PDF) (German only)

Packaging Europe article: "Customized plastic solutions for the life science industry" (PDF) (English only)

Interview extract - Otto Hofstetter AG Kundenmagazin (PDF) (German only)


UN Approval for the canisters

(all documents as PDF)


Standard canister typ K1

0130-K1/UN, 65 g

01,2530-K1/UN, 80 g


Standard canister typ K6

0551-K6/UN, 220 g

0551-K6/UN, 270 g

0550-K6/UN, 220 g

0550-K6/UN, 270 g

0651-K6/UN, 340 g

0650-K6/UN, 340 g

1051-K6/UN, 410 g

1051-K6/UN, 480 g

1050-K6/UN, 410 g

1050-K6/UN, 480 g

1251-K6/UN, 580 g

1250-K6/UN, 580 g


Standard canister typ KE

2060-KE/UN, 850 g

2060-KE/UN, 1200 g

2560-KE/UG/UN, 950 g

2560-KE/UG/UN, 1100 g

2560-KE/UG/UN, 1300 g 

2590-KE/UN, 1200 g

2590-KE/UN, 1400 g

3060-KE/UG/UN, 1500 g

3090-KE/UN, 1320 g

3090-KE/UN, 1500 g


Standard canister typ K

5060-K/UG/UN, 2600 g

6060-K/UG/UN, 2900 g


Square bottle typ 4 (standard canister)

0690-4/UN, 260 g

1090-4/UN, 400 g

1290-4/UN, 420 g

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