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Packaging in all colors, shapes and sizes

We develop plastic containers for foodstuffs and for pharmaceutical and chemical products. Both standard and customer-specific canisters.

Our means of production are supervised around the clock, which is made possible by a continuous three-shift operation. Our machinery comprises 10 extrusion blow molding plants that allow us to manufacture canisters of 1 to 60 liters of any possible color, shape and technology.

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Monolayer Technology

Standard process for one-layer standard canisters.


Multiple-layer Coex Technology

We use the three-layer technology to combine various special materials to form a high-class and high-end canister.

Diffusion-resistant canisters with a barrier layer are equipped with an additional barrier layer used for numerous applications. However, they are primarily used for protecting the canister contents / filling materials against oxidizing and evaporating.

Conductive canisters / Current discharge canisters
These canisters fulfil the requirements of the ATEX 137/TRBS2153 and CENELEC 50404 explosion protection directives and must therefore be used for flammable media.


Technical Blow Parts

Manufacturing of special forms up to complex customized blow parts


Combinations with Injection Molding Parts

Fischer Söhne AG can offer its customers a complete solution from one source thanks to a combination of injection molding and blow parts.



  • Our internal product development
  • BRC
  • Standard canister
  • Special customized designs / special canisters
  • Certifications (ISO 9001, BRC)
  • UN approvals
  • Our own product line
  • All-in-one solutions
  • Flexibility



Fischer Söhne AG has fully automatic and semi-automatic extrusion blow molding plants that use state-of-the-art technologies and operating systems.

  • 1 semi-automatic machine for technical components
  • 9 fully automatic machines
    –  5 machines for 1-cavity tools in the mono- and multiple-shift field
    –  Machines for 2-cavity tools in the mono-shift area
    –  1 machine for 4-cavity tools in the mono-shift area


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